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The Letterpress Print Workshop at the National College of Art and Design

Letterpress Printing: Introductory

CEAD at NCAD are running this course.
DATES: 11 July – 13 July (FEE €165)
TUTOR: Mary Plunkett (SD/602)
Designed for beginners or those with some knowledge of typography, graphic design or relief printing, this new course offers a fantastic opportunity to gain access to the Distiller’s Press, the only working letterpress facility in third level education in Ireland.
The course will begin with an induction to the workshop, an overview of letterpress printing with examples of artists’ & designers’ work, an explanation of hand setting and an introduction to the use of the press. Following the first day’s introduction participants will cover two-colour printing and the use of wood and metal type to create their own work under supervision. This may take the form of prints, posters, simple books, cards or stationery, printed in a small run.
The course will provide an excellent overview of the processes and materials involved in letterpress printing. A certain amount of quality paper will be provided but additional sheets may be purchased during the course if needed.

You can download the CEAD PDF from here that contain the form that you need to fill out if you are interested. Click here to DOWNLOAD PDF

National College of Art & Design
100 Thomas Street, Dublin 8
Telephone: 01 636 42 14
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